This project started as a simple tool to visualize data from Daylio, an amazing mood tracker app for Android and iOS. Since the official app doesn't have an option to see all data in one chart, I decided to create a simple script to do exactly that.

Since other folks on Reddit also wanted to get more from their data, I later decided to make it into a very simple web app.

Privacy policy

  • This website does not use cookies, trackers, ads or anything.
  • Your uploaded files are never stored on the server. Once they're uploaded, they're immediately processed and discarded.

If you want to make sure, you can see the source code for youself, see Contributing.

Future features

This is a pet project and there's a lot of ideas that I already thought about, including:

  • Try to detect periods of good/bad moods (I mean obviously you can see it with your own eyes, but come on, I'm hypomanic and want to do stuff)
  • Try to detect rapid mood changes (read above note lol)
  • Make a word cloud from notes and add relations to moods (in other words: what you most often mention in your entries)
  • Support custom colors/themes
  • Support for more than 5 moods
  • Option to save the (future) config (via a generated URL or something)
  • Count good/bad days in each month (and ratio)